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Owin Hays

Owin was born and raised in Portland, OR.  Being raised in the Northwest gave Owin great opportunity to learn and love the Outdoors.  As his father and grandfather introduced him to fishing, needless to say he was “hooked”.  From here he explored other options  such as Duck Hunting and Deer/Elk Hunting which opened him into a whole new world.

Owin is an active member of Ducks Unlimited, CCA, NRA & NSIA.

When Owin is not fishing or hunting he enjoys getting ready for his next fishing or hunting adventure.


24 Responses to “My Bio”

  1. Esther Crowell-Duncan Says:

    Wow, and I can say I knew you way back when!! Great to see you followed you dream!

  2. Justin Gillies Says:

    Hey, want to go throw some some steelees out at High Rocks. Maybe sneak a couple beers and then jump in the Gill Pickle and go find a party.

  3. I’m soooooo proud of you!!!!!

  4. Patrick Williams Says:

    Owin, please shoot me an email back on the new website for your show. I would like to cruise through it and make sure it is my favorites on my computer.

    ps. caught the show today and I was curious does Ian use a sliding lead when he is free drifting? Thanks

  5. Sweetheart… I’m so proud of you… 🙂

  6. Stream flows for Oregon, posted in “real time” by the USGS. go to A list of rivers will come, up pick your river and click on it. A graph will open with the current flow info. About half way down the page find the “National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services web page” link, if you click there it will take you to a page that has a 2 to 5 day advanced prediction. Here is a link for Washington streams: great show

  7. hey owinn love the show weekend ritual before goin steelin. how bout some info & stratgies on north & south fork on alsea.maybe hook up sometime and give me some super pro tips. thanks man.

  8. Hi Owin,

    I love watching Outdoor GPS and have just started Salmon and Steelhead fishing about 4 years ago. Your show is great and very helpful.

    I mostly fish the Sandy and will sometimes head over to the Clackamas.

    Thank you

  9. On you TV show 1/25/09 you were talking to one of the guides that call about a certain type of eggs you two use. It seems I did not get the name right or something because when the wife & I went to Sportsman’s wearhouse in Lacey they said they had never heard of them. Could you please send us the name via E-mail? I want to see if this is going to work also then maybe I will ask a few more questions
    Dan Heryford

  10. I am a name from your past….can you guess who? You were my favorite guy friend in high school! I just learned that you had your own outdoor show, how cool for you!!! What else is going on with you? Get yourself on a computer once in a while…stay in touch with the world…you never know it may make fishing and hunting more enjoyable 🙂 okay well i tried? Email me or call me: or

  11. I have been watching your program for sometime now but have been loosing interest primarily because you spend more time talking about what your going to talk about. I dont mind the comercials every five minutes since I undestand someone has to pay for the program, just wish you would get right to the show when your back from break.


  12. dick @ vancouver, wa Says:

    great show this a.m. on springer fishing. good to have details on fishing methods. keep this coming. question: do you troll or anchor up with the K Fish or both ?

  13. Jerry E. Says:

    I saw your show for the first time yesterday and again this morning 2/7/09 and 2/8/09. I just want to say for all of us who have spent countless hours on the Columbia, Willamette and a lot of other rivers and caught few fish I hope your show succeeds I’ve allready learned a few things from you I hope gives me an edge.

  14. Steve Velasquez Says:

    I moved to Milwaukie, OR from Southern California almost 3 years ago. I have fished mostly salt water from Santa Monica to Mexican waters with trips as long as 7 days on the water, and I do miss those fishing days.
    The thing I found here in Oregon is that most fishermen here are very secretive and I do understand why. I work for Bridgetown Trucking Inc. in Portland so I meet a lot of people in my travels and have found fisherman who will share their stories.

    The best thing that has happened to me since moving to Oregon is Outdoor GPS. I have been a faithful follower for many months. I must say I record all your shows so that I don’t miss a thing. I have learned so much from you and my pay back for you is to tell everyone I meet about this program and most reaction is there’s a program that has information about out doors and it’s live. Most do not have Comcast and would be followers as well. So my question to you is, have you ever though about radio simulcast with internet along with your live program?

    When I lived in Ontario CA I listened to “Let’s Talk Hookup” every Saturday and Sunday to hear the fish reports and get an idea where to go and what to fish for. I also got my information from the fish landing web sites.

    Both you and Bitsy keep up the good work keeping us outdoor people informed.

    Steve Velasquez
    Milwaukie, Oregon

  15. Hey, I caught your episode this morning 3/8/09 and thanks for informing people about nates bait. It is great products for the simple people.
    Call nate.

  16. Samantha "Sister" Says:

    I am gearing up Gabi for Shad fishing…she is VERY excited! Let me know when we need to be ready to go!!!!

  17. Dave Hardwick Says:

    Love the show! It’s nice to have the local information. Keep up the good work. Thanks Dave

  18. Justin Northern Says:

    Hey just wanted to say how good your show is I have watched for the last 3 months and I watch it every fri sat and sun if I’m not out fishing. I got a quick one for ya where is a good spot on the clack. for steels at I have tried riverside and clackamete park and no luck yet but I’m just off the bank. If you can help me out I’m just getting stared on salmon and steels this year. Ive been a bass and trout man for yrs. Want to get into some bigger fish. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  19. Steve from Eugene Says:

    When smoking a salmon – which end do you light first?

  20. Justin Northern Says:

    Hey Owen I just called into your show and talked about the sandy and clack. on salmon fishing with the k 11x and the k 9x. I just wanted to thank you again for the info I will be out this weekend with my 7yr old daughter who loves fishing. I can’t get out of the house with out her asking if were going fishing! lol its great. Well your show is one of the best on the air and the fact its a live call in show is the best!!! Thanks once again Justin Northern I will send in pics of this weekend for ya as well.

  21. Owen great show found it by surfing the chanels after watching 32 anouther great place to go. Must say love it very good stuff. But can you please have live how to demo’s on the differant way’s to rig when targeting fish. Sure would help us dummies that need to see and here. “Thanks keep your hook sharp”

  22. Jerry Wisely Says:

    FYI..Went fishin for Coho at the mouth of the Sandy and Clackamas and found lots of mulling around Silvers. Saw a few wild ones let go and people using a variety of blue fox and spinners. Having an small red egg or corke up from the lure see get them following it. Lots of fish jumping and chasing eachother around. Hopefully it will cool off soon and rain to get them moving up from the mouth more or biting more. Bank fishing at the mouth of the Clackamas seemed to be better than boat fishing. On the Sandy I saw lots of boats at the mouth and fewer people bank fishing because its a few miles to hike to the mouth of the Sandy.

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